The Horns of Havoc are a FIRST Washington robotics team comprised of students from Puyallup High School and its surrounding Junior High Schools. Each year, we are given six weeks to build a robot, following strict rules and with limited resources. Once this time has passed, we go to competitions where our robot is put to the test against other teams� in statewide and national events. There are four groups working within the team, each with specific jobs to make sure our team is run effectively.


The build team assembles the robot, making repairs and improvements when necessary. They work in their own subgroups to create the metal structure, wire, and add pnuematics.


The design team uses 3D design software to create a detailed digital copy of our robot. This can be used for testing and removes physical constraints for a more in depth view of parts.


Programmers use Java to allow for remote control as well as autonomous function. In addition to that, our programming team maintains and updates our website and scouting web application.


Fundraising & Marketing gathers donations from sponsors to purchase parts and fund residence at every level of competition, also working to maintain contemporary design language for the team�s �brand.�