Things Have Changed
If you've been to the Horns of Havoc website before you may have noticed that we recently redesigned. If not perhaps you're curious as to how it used to look; you can always search for our domain on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. I've been the developer for our robot code and website for the last several years and, as such, can assure you that this was no small feat.

This is about to get into light specifics about programming. I realize some visitors are familiar but don't feel like you have to read on.

Sure things look different, but a lot more has changed. Our old site ran on the same languages you would find on any website in existence: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's backend, however, has seen a lot of changes to the way we generate dynamic content. Previously, we relied on Apache HTTP server and PHP 7 to serve dynamic content. PHP is simply an outdated technology. Big networks, such as Facebook, still use it or languages based on it. We don't anymore.

As a personal endeavor, I have spent the last several months developing my own web server; It's the one used to generate this page. The team's robots have always been programmed in Java. It's the language I've spent the past eight years learning, so it just made sense. The page you see right now was processed and served by a Java application running on my servers. While you can't, for security reasons, see this website's backend code directly the server running it is completely Open Source and available on my GitHub.

So why did we make these changes? Glad you asked. Beyond personal preference, PHP is an increasingly hacked together language, and one not widely taught. Our hope is to promote education that is valuable as well as recognize the value of open source software. JVM languages like Java and Scala are simply better for education and our public code base as well as for the future.

We've got an accounts system in place for future development as well. This website, at the time of posting, is not complete. In the case that you encounter any bugs beyond the 404 Error on the sponsors page please follow the link to contact us in the footer.

Thanks for sticking it out.