STEM Showcase 2018

April 21, 2018 at 3:16 PM by Winter Roberts

The Horns of Havoc have the pleasure and luxury of being located in Puyallup, the same city in which is hosted the Washington State Fair twice every year. The fairgrounds in Puyallup opened yesterday for the Spring Fair, and the Puyallup School District STEM Showcase today. Children from Kindergarten to Sixth grade, throughout the district, compete yearly to conduct the best experiment, build the best invention, or disseminate the most knowledge through reverse engineering. Students from 7th extending up through 12th grade are able to participate but are not mandated to do so. We are here today in hope of inspiring continued interest in everything STEM, far beyond the district requirement. Above the standard. We were able to reach out by engaging with interested kids from around the state today; encouraging both participation in their local FRC teams and promotion of other STEM career paths. It has always been FIRST and team 3393's goal to set more young people down these aforementioned paths. To promote education, increase diversity and provide for a better future is the goal of us all, and we hope to reach out worldwide and help every community to get there. Each small step adds up, it is your's and our's, it is everyone's responsibility to simply take one in the right direction.


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