Build Season Update Week 3

January 26, 2018 at 5:15 PM by Brennan Roberts

Prototype becomes final design, test shifts into practice, each individual works harder to turn our ideas into a reality as time ticks on. The realization that our personal deadline lurks a mere week away. All of this as the semester is coming to a close makes many hard-pressed. Studying for finals and attempting to bring up school grades while the uncertainty of the achievement we are aiming for with this organization looms just around the corner. Despite the struggle though, significant accomplishments have been made. For the build team, our show-bot has been completed. Along with this, finalized versions of key parts of our robot are beginning to be attached which should allow for testing of our programming to begin. In relation to that, an important development in coding happened this week. Vision tracking. This allows a camera on the bot to determine its location on the field relative to built-in reflective surfaces. This is essential to an effective autonomous portion where, in the first 15 seconds, the bot drives without human input and must try to score points on its own. Regardless of any complication, we continue to move forward in our endeavours. Perhaps we may get this done in time, I would expect nothing less.


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