Build Season Update Week 4

February 3, 2018 at 3:02 PM by Brennan Roberts

Today is our personal deadline for the completion of our robot. We certainly are cutting it very, very close but as nearly as anyone may be able to tell the build team is only doing some final touches. Despite the fact that we all had to work unusually hard and quickly today to do it, it is fair to say that the team got it done. While the lesser things such as bumpers may not be entirely finished they have been made into official shape at the least. For marketing, the design of the pits is being put into motion and more sponsor letters are headed out. Now it is time to begin some of what can be considered secondary functions. Things like the aesthetics and bumpers. The assumed completion of the bot also means that we have multiple weeks to do extensive testing and fine-tuning. With all of this time left to improve upon our design, prospects for the competition are certainly looking good. I would expect a good season.


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