Power Up Build Season Update Week 5

February 9, 2018 at 6:37 PM by Brennan Roberts

By this time, we had hoped to be testing a completed robot for our competition. Instead, a full week after our deadline, we are still working hard to get it all finished. As it turns out, the "final touches" on a project of this calibre take more than just a few short hours; and so, here we are. It is evident now that without real confirmation of the bots completion, any assumption of what is left to do or the time that may take is frankly tactless. This week, in the department of build, we have continued to complete the more final elements of our bot as well as to make progress on our practice robot. Our programmers are continuing to work on our autonomous mode. Utilizing the additional time well, the coding is expanding the capabilities and accuracy of the autonomous mode. As nearly as I can tell, the CAD group is doing particularly well. The 3D model of our bot seems to be more or less complete and kept constantly updated. I would not this time around be so bold as to say that we are done with the building, but I can certainly say that we are very close. We may even finish tonight, after all, there is still time. Even if this doesn't happen, there remains a cushion, the last week of build season. We will get it done, sooner than last minute. Of this, I can be almost certain.




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