Power Up Build Season Update Week 6

February 17, 2018 at 3:59 PM by Brennan Roberts

I can now actually say that we did finish the robot rather than have it be mere speculation. The latter half of the day has been spent testing our bot so that it will be ready for competition and its programming improved upon. Our model of the robot in Autodesk, which has been constantly updated to match real life changes, has been duly noted to be complete as well. In order to continue testing after bag and tag next Wednesday, the building department remains hard at work creating a practice bot that, at least in theory, will be identical to the one used in the game, Another thing that enabled us to begin testing was the assembly of our bumpers. These are a requirement not only for actual competition but also to ensure we don't break anything before even competing; we wouldn't want to throw away all the time and thousands of dollars before we even made it to the field. Other than things directly related to our robot, the pits for our team are beginning to be constructed. A notable change this year with this is our decision to make the front facade of our tent somewhat interactive and also a small amount thinner so that the team can move our robot in and out more easily. In summation, we will be prepared to compete and be able to do so at a higher level.


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