The Horns number one priority is to ensure all students, mentors and volunteers are able to work productively in a safe and organized environment. Our safety plan was developed to ensure we are able to maintain these standards constantly. Below you can find brief summaries of safety information or access the complete safety manual here.

First Aid Kit

We make sure our first aid kit is stocked with any items we could need to treat someone in a first aid situation. We check our first aid kit before every competition to make sure it is stocked to meet American Red Cross standards.

Safety Focus Areas

We are always thinking about safety to ensure proper storage and use of tools and batteries, conditions of tools and the workspace, and proper operations of robots and machinery.

Weekly Safety Meeting

Safety meetings are lead by the Safety Captain to discuss focus areas and upgrade tools certifications. We're hoping to implement a Summer program to provide team members with first aid and CPR training opportunities.

Fire Safety

While fire safety and prevention may seem to be common knowledge implementing specific procedures can help to increase personal safety and prevent the spread of fire.

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Mental Health

Mental health can affect daily life, relationships, and even physical health. Mental health is an important part of safety. Sometimes, this means supporting others with their mental health problems.

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Injury Tracking

We use the OSHA official injury tracking sheet as we find it most effective. We have a printed version currently hanging in our shop. However, it is rarely used due to our strong emphasis on practicing safety at all times.

Safety Tests

Knowing how to use all the tools in our shop benefits safety. Before the season begins, the safety team works hard to ensure all students have their tool certifications.